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Experts of the „Green Three Seas for Youth” project.


Petros Tovmasyan

Petros Tovmasyan – lawyer, political scientist, graduate of Master of Business Administration at WSB Academy. Social advisor to the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology on social economy, expert on labor market, social and professional activation of excluded people. Coordinator of ministerial and European projects. Social innovator in the projects of the Ministry of Development. Has 10 years of experience in project management. In the accredited OWES – Silesian Cluster of Social and Solidary Economy, he serves as a key advisor. Experienced coordinator of ecological projects, developer of scenarios.

Dominika Paliczka

Master’s degree in psychology. Graduate of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology at the University of Silesia, graduate of the Master of Business Administration at the University of Economics in Katowice. She has experience in working with intellectually disabled people as a coach and therapist. Certified professional counselor, trainer of social and key skills and educator. Coordinator of educational, youth, counseling and international projects in the Social Innovation Cluster for 4 years. Has 2 years of experience working in the field of special pedagogy at the Sperare Therapeutic Center as a therapist for people with intellectual disabilities, including those with multiple disabilities and on the autism spectrum. Creator of workshop scenarios in the field of ecology and social competence.


Robert Kłosowski

Participant in postgraduate managerial studies and MBA in social enterprise management, graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Silesia, attorney, active activist for the development of civil society. He conducts lectures and workshops in legal and administrative sciences for seniors, young people and people with disabilities. Since 2012, he has participated in and co-created many seminars and social projects for strengthening the third sector. He has many years of experience in implementing educational and social projects, both as a coordinator, trainer and expert.

Alexandra Lyutskanova

Alexandra has been involved in non-formal education for 12 years. For the last 4 years she has worked professionally as a trainer and facilitator, and for the last 5 years as a project coordinator within the Erasmus+ program. Her specialty is critical thinking and sustainable lifestyles.


Yoana Doneva

Yoana Doneva is gathering experience within the Circular Economy Institute. She is an expert in ecology and founded the Ecology Club at the Faculty of Agricultural Economics at the University of Varna. She completed 2 MBAs at TU-Varna and UE-Varna. Her master’s specializations are „Engineering Ecology” and „Ecoeconomics.”

Hakan Oguz

He graduated from Cukurova University as a computer engineer. For two years, he worked as an Erasmus+ project coordinator in the field of health. Experienced in writing, managing, and implementing projects including planning, monitoring, and supervising all project-related activities. He has experience as a mentor of volunteers and interns.


Diana Jasekova

Diana Jasekova is a president of the Youth for Equality organisation. She has a doctor degree of Law and knowledge of International and European Law, her researches are focused on Criminal Law, Criminology and Youth delinquency. She has gained international certificates of project management. She was involved in environmental projects where she led international volunteers and collaborated with municipalities on environmental topics. She is a youth worker, facilitator of our youth projects, mobilities of youth workers, as well as of projects organised abroad.

Daniel Enachescu

The president of the Organization, has more than 15 years of experience working in NGOs and small and large enterprises specialized in project and event management, coordinating international projects in the fields of non-formal education, project development and project management. The main areas of expertise are environmental issues and sustainable development, social inclusion, youth unemployment, gender equality and volunteering. He was a French Teacher and he worked with different types of youngsters. He has strong skills in leadership and team coordination and is involved in several organizations in France, Bulgaria and Romania with a vast experience in managing educational, cultural and environmental projects.


Anamaria Moisa

Anamaria Moisa has more that 6 years experience in NGO environment, she started when she was a student with youth and students organisations from Bucharest, she was president of Society of Students Volunteer during 2018-2021 and also, she had some responsibilities in the Federation Union of Students from Romania, in 2020 she was regional director of Training Department and in 2021 she was National Director of Training Department. During the years that she has done volunteering for students she gained a lot of competences: project management, writing projects, teamwork, leadership, Public Speaking. She has managed more than 15 projects, with focus on training programs. She became a trainer in the federation of students in 2019 and an accredited trainer in 2021, and since then she trained more that 40 sessions of forming. At present, Anamaria is managing around 8 projects with focus on the environment, she is designing projects and she is in charge of Social Media of the Association. 

Katerina Vasileiou

Introducing Katerina Vasileiou, a Journalism and Mass Media graduate with a flair for communication and advertising. Katerina holds a master’s degree in Communication Campaigns and Market Research, and she’s a certified Digital Marketing professional while she boasts skills in Web Development, Video Editing, and Photoshop. Starting her career in radio journalism, Katerina’s journey led her to moderate Google Seminars on Digital Marketing. Currently, she’s making her mark at EUROPEAN CENTER FOR RESEACH AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT, skilfully managing work between Greece and Latvia.


Aykhan Samadov

Aykhan Samadov has MSc in “Rural development and Agribusiness’, and extensive work experience in project management in educational start-up companies. He has participated in over a hundred projects in different program and partner countries since 2014. He also has completed a long-term volunteering experience named “Youth embracing change” in Rzeszow, Poland. His main motivation is to become a life changer for Hungarian youth and all the international young fellows in Hungary. Main roles in the organization: Chairman, project writer, project coordinator, facilitator.

Robin Dewa

Robin Dewa, a teacher by profession and a president of Društvo Bodi svetloba. He is a vice president of the Sloga council of the Slovenian non-governmental development organizations. One of the Slovenian coordinators of Global Call to Action Against Poverty, and a candidate of Youth Party- Greens of Europe at Slovenian parliamentary elections in 2011.