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Green Three Seas for Youth is created by 10 organizations from the Three Seas region.

Green Station Cooperative, active since 2014, champions the European Green Deal with a focus on sustainable food and environmental education. They’ve executed 30+ projects for diverse groups, emphasizing ecology, waste-free eating, and social issues. Their mission is to foster an eco-friendly enterprise, promote a circular economy, and educate on organic farming, energy conservation, and waste management.

We are Social Hub NGO, founded in 2018 by youth workers and volunteers. Our goal is to enhance social inclusion using non-formal education in sports, arts, and sustainability. We partner with nonprofits to create an active community and share transformative stories. As part of the „Together it’s Possible” network, we work with NGOs in Romania, Bulgaria, and France, sharing best practices and publishing a magazine with testimonials and expertise.

Se Poate Association was founded in 2014 as a non-profit organization that aims to involve the youth and young adults from our local community as active and responsible citizens. Se Poate offers a range of services that cover various areas including Education and Training, Project Design and Development, Thematic Research, International Mobility. These services are provided in the sectors of Youth, Adults, VET, and Sport.

Active Youth aims to foster opportunities for the young and drive positive shifts in society’s approach to ecology, health, vulnerable groups, and the internet. Since its start, the organization has excelled in over 70 projects, including Erasmus+ and EUKI, receiving top evaluations. Additionally, they’ve established a vast European partnership network, collaborating with over 400 organizations.

Društvo Bodi svetloba, founded in December 2017 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, is dedicated to Global Education and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. As a member of SLOGA, a platform of 35 Slovenian NGOs focusing on Global Education and Humanitarian Aid, they play a significant role. Their president, Robin Dewa, serves as SLOGA’s vice-president. The organization actively contributes to the annual CONCORD EUROPE’s Aid Watch Report and is involved in SLOGA’s sustainability and Global Education initiatives in Slovenia.

EC Austria is a non-profit organization committed to promoting ecological citizenship, responsible citizenship, women’s empowerment, and equal opportunities. They focus on knowledge production, social cohesion, and various projects to achieve their mission. Some of these initiatives include empowering rural youth, promoting sustainable living, enhancing experiential learning in schools, fostering eco-friendly sports events, and supporting gender equality in sports.

Karvina Sustainably, based in Karvina, Czech Republic, is a non-profit with both local and global influence. Its mission is to enhance participation in social and environmental sustainability through trainings and activities. Located in a post-industrial coal mining region, the organization collaborates with the municipality to combat stigma, promote environmental consciousness, sustainable corporate practices, support vulnerable populations, and conduct research in economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

The European Center for Research and Regional Development (ECRRED) in Liepziedi, Latvia, champions innovation, education, and sustainability. Key activities include fostering lifelong learning, conducting research to identify best practices, representing members in public and private sectors, aiding business modernization, managing EU programs in collaboration with Latvian Ministries, and promoting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With a diverse team skilled in education, management, European politics, and IT, ECRRED targets marginalized groups and those keen on non-formal education to amplify EU values and societal impact.

Long-Term Planning Association” (LTPA) is a Budapest-based Hungarian NGO dedicated to empowering individuals to transform their lives. As an educational hub, LTPA offers informal learning to young people and youth workers, facilitating their involvement in European programs. The organization promotes active participation, aids disadvantaged individuals in personal and professional growth, encourages volunteerism, and fosters civic engagement. LTPA also emphasizes environmental actions and global connections. To achieve these goals, they organize and partake in seminars, training, and work camps, engaging community members, employers, and officials.

Youth for Equality is an organisation, founded in Slovakia in 2016 as a local youth initiative with the aim to realise positive changes and develop activities on local and international level in the field of education, human rights and ecology for the current requirements of the Labour market.

Since its establishment, the organisation has become a pool of young professionals who provide guidance and organise teaching activities in order to provide youngsters with soft skills, knowledge about different educational and career opportunities at local, national and international level.